Kids kick-off treehouse design project in Frick Park

Families work on art projects to inspire the design of the Frick Park outdoor learning space.

Thank you to all the children and families who came out last Thursday evening to help begin designing the new outdoor learning space in Frick Park! We had a fantastic turn out of Frick Park neighbors and fans that helped set the stage for developing a tree house-themed space for children to learn about and celebrate trees.

After a brief introduction to the fabulous design team of Terra Design Studios, evolveEA, and Urban Tree Forge, participants got into groups to build model tree houses to help inspire the design team. Each small group was given a miniature tree form (made by Urban Tree Forge) which consisted of twigs that represented a tree ‘growing’ out of a base made from a piece of wood cut from a real sycamore tree.

Participants then used recycled objects, such as old CDs, tiles, and string, plus other craft materials, such as pipe cleaners, to create their own vision of what a tree house should include. Children ages 3 to 12 (plus quite a few children at heart) created an incredible array of tree houses ideas—including canopy walks, viewing platforms, and giant bird nests. All the designs were documented using still photography and video and will be reviewed by the design team to help lay the groundwork for concepts for the new space.

Each unique tree house, plus video clips of the kids talking about their ideas, will be on display at our next public meeting at the Environmental Center on Thursday June 2nd beginning at 5:30pm. (Sign up by clicking here.) In addition to learning more about the project, participants at the June event will visit the project site at the observation deck below the Environmental Center. Everyone will have the opportunity to weigh-in on what they think the possibilities are for the tree house and help shape the future of the campus surrounding the new Environmental Center at Frick Park.

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