Schenley Plaza is in the cloud

Schenley Plaza tentLast Friday, City Councilman William Peduto joined N21 LLC and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in announcing an innovative new pilot project for an outdoor learning environment in Schenley Plaza.  Following the creation of a “learning cloud” in Schenley Plaza, the people of Pittsburgh will be able to instantly learn about the history, natural significance, and culture of the area through a mobile device.  This new virtual guide will allow any person with a laptop or handheld device to learn about the history of Schenley Park, the scientific details of the natural environment, or architectural details of the surrounding neighborhood. With a simple point-and-click, users can learn all about the objects that surround them every day.

This ground-breaking initiative is a partnership between Councilman Peduto, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Florida-based N21 LLC. N21 LLC President David Fries is a Pittsburgh native looking to bring his pioneering networks home.

“This is the type of innovation will bring to life the objects that surround us every day and also create new opportunities for citizen involvement,” said Councilman Peduto. “We are bringing new education opportunities to the people in a free and open environment.”

Click here to learn more about the Outdoor Learning Cloud.