How Do Our Gardens Grow?

Angela MastersAs the number of landscaped sections of the parks has increased, the Parks Conservancy is pleased to welcome a Gardener to its staff in Angela Masters.  Angela is responsible for general maintenance of the gardens, including weeding, deadheading, transplanting, fertilizing, and insect control.  She focuses on the landscaped areas of the park like the newly restored Mellon Park Walled Garden, the Highland Park Entry Garden, Schenley Plaza, the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center, and the Riverview Park Chapel Shelter.

Angela previously worked as a Landscape Service Coordinator for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.  She also worked at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA and Trax Farms in Finleyville, PA.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Pennsylvania State University. 

Schenley PlazaThe addition of a gardener attests to the Parks Conservancy’s commitment to preserving the parks and the long-term maintenance of capital projects, like the Walled Garden and the Highland Park Entry Garden.  Angela said, “Time and effort go into the installation of a new garden, and many people are excited about it opening, but not everyone realizes the level of maintenance that projects require.  I am passionate about taking care of our gardens and keeping them as close to the original intent as possible.” 

Angela also mentioned that the physical exertion of her job is a big perk.  She said, “I work every day, but I can eat whatever I want without going to the gym!”

If you missed it last month, you can see Angela give a video tour of the Schenley Plaza gardens here.

One thought on “How Do Our Gardens Grow?

  1. Just wanted to congratulate Angela on her new position. The Franklin Gardeners Association will miss her helpful ways and advise with our garden!

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